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20th WUB Network Conference in Hawaii

Honorary Advisor, Morimasa Goya

I heartily congratulate for holding the 20th WUB Network Conference.
The first contact point with WUB for me was twenty year ago. I was invited to attend a conference from Mr. Noboru Sakima, who was the president of bank of the Ryukyus and chief director of bank of the Ryukyus International Foundation. A lot of Uchinanchu from all over the world had gathered to attend in the "World Business Network Conference" in Honolulu in 1997. I have heard that the HUB (Hawaii Uchinanchu Business Group), the East-West Center, and the bank of the Ryukyus International Foundation had taken a lead to hold the conference.

Even though it was a business meeting, I thought lightly that it was a social gathering, such as golfing and dinner before I attend. However, it was a big misunderstanding. It was a network conference aimed at achieving international level economic exchanges and fellowship among Uchinanchu who is active in the world, with one aspiration for homeland Okinawa far away. And, WUB’s establishment was confirmed in the conference.
 And Mr. Robert Nakasone who has always been in the center of WUB activity. I met him and I was drawn into his passion, action, character, and the pride as Uchinanchu. We traveled to Singapore, North America, and various regions. The memories we talked about are deeply engraved in my hearts.

 What I am proud of as the best achievement of WUB in last 20 years is an announcement of the "Okinawa Peace Economic Declaration" at the 18th WUB Network Conference in Peru in July 2014. It is carved as follows in “Bridge of Nations Bell” (Bankoku Shinryo no Kane) that was hung in the main hall (Seiden) of Shuri castle during the Ryukyu Kingdom period. “The Kingdom of Ryukyu is a splendid place in the South Seas, with close intimate relations with the Three Nations of China, Korea, and Japan, between which it is located, and which express much admiration for these islands.

Journeying to various countries by ship, the Kingdom forms a bridge between all the nations, filling its land with the precious goods and products of foreign lands; in addition, the hearts of its people emulate the virtuous civilization of Japan and China.” as to show its pride as a marine kingdom. Various exchanges that utilize the Uchinanchu network that WUB boasts are having fulfilled their mission as putting emphasis on peaceful diplomacy, leading to the spirit of "Bridge of Nations (Bankoku Shinryo)", which became an international trade city.

Peru, my mother's birthplace, is the region where the Okinawan immigrants occupies the largest number within Japanese immigrants. It is also a special place where I have learned and impressed by how Uchinanchu immigrated to regions such as North America and South America in the past.

People who emigrated from Okinawa and their descendants are spreading around the world and it counted around 400,000 now. While thinking of their home Okinawa, Uchinanchu had put down roots and having been contributed to development of where they have migrated. They appreciate sincerely what have been given from where they live.

Noteworthy that there is the word "Diaspora" that the Jewish people has, Uchinanchu also has words that feel sense of overflowing globalism. Kyuzo Toyama, who is regarded as the "Father of Okinawan Emigration.", said "Let us go forth. The Five Continents are our home." I feel that it is an expression of self-esteem as descendants of the marine kingdom whose eyes turned to the world.

 I sincerely hope that embracing network and pride as this wonderful “Uchinanchu”, WUB will connect the world beyond the borders and expand to a strong one.
Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the seniors who established WUB and opened the way to Uchinanchu. And we are hoping for young Uchinanchu to make most of this network and lead to further development.


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